Patient Participation Group 2018

Patient Participation Group Meeting - Tuesday 30th January 2018

Chair: Kim Thatcher
Administrator: Renata Zarzycka

Kim welcomed everyone to Little Park Surgery and thanked everyone for supporting the meeting.


We recently had a CQC inspection and was disappointed with their findings, we felt unfairly judged but the team decided not to dwell on the report and to move forward to ensure everything is up to date,  and we have since had the building checked for asbestos, water checked for legionella, A full wire check on electric’s, British Gas has fitted a “hive” which will help to monitor the heating in the building, All these checks came back showing no concern for the safety of the building so they all passed.  We plan to have a new fire and security system which will comply with all standards.

The group discussed all the new checks that had been made on the building and we now have certificates on file as evidence-One member of the group felt this was a waste of NHS money and caring for patients would put the money to better use, KT explained that standards have to be met so there is no choice all practices have to comply to the same safety checks.

Defibrillator: We now have one on site. The group was pleased to know this.


Please remember if you are offered a flu vac by the chemist we also have stocks here for our patients. We are more flexible with our clinics times now we do not do them on a Saturday morning we have them running AM and PM during the week. To help accommodate everyone’s needs.-The group was pleased that the flu vaccinations appointments are more flexible.

Friends and Family

KT explained that we encourage patients to give us feedback good or bad and all patients are texted to ask them to complete a small survey on their experience about our service. Paper test can be completed in the surgery.-Would you be happy to receive a text after you have seen a health professional asking your views on your consultation.-Most of the group said they would be happy some group members do not have mobile phones but felt feedback would be good.

Medication ordering-Please order your repeat prescription from the surgery NOT the chemist.-The group was happy to order from the practice.

On-Line Booking-Many more appointments are available to book on line.

Pharmacy (Clinical)-Our locality secured the funding to have a pharmacist in the surgery to support us with prescribing and medication reviews.

Phlebotomy-We have trained three more receptionists who will be running phlebotomy clinics freeing up the HCA to deal with health checks etc.

Phone system Update: We are planning to introduce an automated message for when you contact the surgery-Some of the group felt this would be worthwhile to try.

PPG-Locality Meeting: Renata asked if any member would like to attend the meeting and represent Little Park Surgery-Interest was shown
Prime Minster Challenge Fund

Kim explained about the fund and what improvements LPS would like to implement.
New Door.  And ECG machine on site-To date still NO approval.

Renata-Has been promoted to Assistant Practice Manager

Room 8 -Is being made into a clinical room so we have more access patients

Self-check in -KT explained that we are training our receptionist to work as we used to, patients should be greeted with a smile and welcomed to the practice-One member of the group had concerns that if receptionist call your name out all patients in the waiting room know your name, name taking at the desk area should be discrete, KT pointed out that we have a private area in the reception where you can go and speak to someone, however when it is your turn your name will be displayed on the call in board and if this was not working the doctor would come out and call your name, the group member said it needs to be more private if you are trying to discuss a family member, KT pointed out that other patient information would not be discussed unless consent had been given on our medical system.

Training Practice-ITP Doctor

Faye will be working with us on a Tuesday and Wednesday.

Training Practice-NURSE

We plan to have a trainee nurse for a year-Natasha is a qualified nurse but wants to take the opportunity to be a Practice Nurse

Wound Care/Imms

Our HCA Shelly can now give vaccinations and has a course in February, so will be able to support the nurse with dressings.


Has never had any problems with the surgery.


Happy with service.


Been registered 20 years happy with the doctors, felt that most of the receptionist are very good especially once they get to know you-Felt we have too many posters on the wall maybe we should try free standing units, there is no way patients are going to pay attention as there are so many.

TH-No comments      

KR-No comments             

KL -No comments    
AM-No comments        

ED-No comments        

UP-By Phone

Phoned in this morning and apologised for being unable to attend the meeting tonight, I asked UP is she had any views she would like discussed, UP asked for me to minute that she is not computer literate but has no problem phoning to get an appointment.

It was a very good meeting with a group of patients who are very interested in how the practice is run and supporting the surgery.

The group felt Little Park Surgery is well run and felt getting and insight on the way the appointment system is run made more sense to them. The group felt the medical team are all very nice, and give you time if you are concerned they felt the receptions are helpful and friendly and always ready to help. The group said they were pleased that they had attended the meeting and would like to be part of the group.


Next meeting: 24/04/2018



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